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The Hidden                           Lead                        e-Commuunication Entertainment

Danny Boy                            Danny                     Daniel Polidoro and Thomas Vohasek, Producers

Lucidity                                 Andy                        Victor Armando, Harris and Armando Productions


Demon's Vale                       Father Mike              Zeb Eckles


Wheels on the Bus               Michael Terry            AJ Bishop – Trifecta Studios


I Came Back                        Glen Kirkland             Nate Bower - Collective Mind Entertainment

All You Need Is Love           Principal                     Ed Hunter – Student Film

Tattoo Nightmares                kid #2                         Brad Kreisberg – 495 Productions

Gymnasium Ad Nauseum    Principal                     Devin Spahn – CSULB Film Studios


The Last Can                        Principal                     Dan Gilman - CSULB Film Studios


Pastures O’ Plenty                Lawyer                      Graham Young - Lightlyre Films


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat    Dan/Butler     Richard Carothers New Theater Restaurant

Black Patent Leather Shoes  Louis                                 Brad Zimmerman - Chestnut Fine Arts Center

Doo Wop Boys                      Lead Vocalist                   Brad Zimmerman - Chestnut Fine Arts Center


Mamma Mia                          Pepper                              Lisa Stevens - New Theatre Restaurant

Falsettos                               Whizzer                            Zach Faust -Faust Theatre

Men of Faith                           Vocalist                            Brad Zimmerman - Chest Fine Arts Center

A Spectacular Christmas       Vocalist/Dancer                Tim Scott - Musical Theater Heritage

Tommy                                    Ensemble/Dancer            Sarah Crawford - Musical Theater Heritage

Smoke On The Mountain        Dennis                             Brad Zimmerman - Chestnut Fine Arts Center


Songs Of The Great War        Vocalist                            Tim Scott - Musical Theater Heritage


Chicago                                   Ensemble/Amos               Richard Carrothers - New Theatre Restaurant

Parade                                    Britt Craig                          Karen Paisley - KC MET

Kiss Me Kate                          (Script In Hand)                  Karen Paisley - KC MET


Musical Monday                      Vocalist                              Musical Theater Heritage


The Addams Family                Ancestor / Lukas US          Richard Carrothers - New Theatre Restaurant


Hairspray                                Sketch                                Dennis Hennessey - New Theatre Restaurant


Forever Plaid                           Smudge                             Richard Carrothers - New Theatre Restaurant


42nd Street                               Billy                                   Jeremy & Mindy Moritz – Immeasureable Productions

Going To The Chapel                Kenny                               Brad Zimmerman – Chestnut Fine Arts

The Fantasticks                         Matt                                  Joshua Finkel – Hillcrest Center for the Arts

Bye Bye Birdie                          Albert                                 Jeremy Moritz – Immeasureable Productions

Into the Woods                         Cinderella’s Prince            Jill Jacobs – Hillcrest Center for the Arts


Harold and Maude                     Harold                              Kim Neusche


Children of Eden                        Abel / Ham                      Kevin Bogan - Theatre in the Park


It’s A Small World                    Prince                                Brad Zimmerman - Chestnut Fine Arts


Footloose                               Ren McCormack                Jeremy Moritz - Immeasureable Productions


Blood Brothers                        Mickey                               Eric Magnus - The Barn Players


A Tribute To Boy Bands         Lead Vocalists                   Brad Zimmerman - Chestnut Fine Arts


Pepsi/Take Me Out to the Ballgame    Singer    Mike Tompkins – Maker Music



Training & Workshops

University of Kansas    Julie Broxholm    Voice Major


Kansas State University    John Walker    Voice Major


Laure Ronnebaum School of Voice    Laure Ronnebaum    Voice

Mindy Moritz Dance Studio    Mindy Moritz    Tap Dancing

Michael Grayman School of Acting    Michael Grayman    Acting

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